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Art Exhibit:

Kalya Ramu

​Kalya Ramu is a published portrait artist and Jazz vocalist based in Toronto, Canada. Kalya specializes in creating close-up portraits, working predominantly with watercolours and coloured pencils. Aside from being a full time performing musician and music teacher, Kalya
works as an illustrator for arts magazine Cannopy (previously smART magazine) where she recently had her work featured on the front cover of Issues 10 and 11 of the magazine.

Kalya has been working on a series called ‘Jazz Musicians' that she began in 2020. Merging her two passions - art and music - Kalya has created a series of portraits of musicians that have
been influential to her throughout her life and career as a vocalist.

Below are some of her paintings on display and for sale at Hirut Cafe. 

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